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6 Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans For Dog & Cats

When it comes to your pet's ongoing care, there are ways that pet parents can help make the cost of care more affordable. Today, our veterinarians in Oceanside share some of the benefits of pet wellness plans and why you should consider this option for your cat or dog.

What is a wellness plan for pets?

A pet wellness plan is essentially insurance coverage designed to help pet owners manage routine healthcare expenses for their pets. Unlike traditional pet insurance, which typically covers unexpected accidents and illnesses, wellness plans focus more on preventive care.

These plans usually include services such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and sometimes even dental cleanings. Some plans may also cover routine diagnostic tests like blood work or urinalysis.

Many pet insurance companies and veterinary clinics offer pet wellness plans. Pet owners pay a monthly or annual fee for the plan, and in return, they receive coverage for various preventive care services outlined in the plan. The goal is to help pet owners budget for routine healthcare expenses and ensure their pets receive the necessary preventive care to stay healthy.

What are some benefits of wellness plans?

Ideally, every pet owner would have pet insurance, but there are important factors to consider. When starting a policy, the cost, type of coverage, and your pet's health can all greatly affect your monthly payments.

Additionally, many pet insurance plans exclude preventive and wellness care, such as vet checkups and routine vaccinations, which are crucial for maintaining your pet's health and avoiding costly procedures and treatments in the first place.

Budgeting With Pet Wellness Plans

The bundling of services in wellness plans and the set cost of these plans means that budgeting is more manageable than tackling the cost of each service as it occurs. Wellness plans positively affect your budget in a couple of ways:

  • Can be paid monthly or annually
  • Usually includes discounts on certain products and services

Emergency Cost Coverage With Pet Wellness Plans

It's always tough to think about our pets getting hurt or sick, but it's possible. Wellness plans can be helpful in case of emergencies or urgent care needs, as they usually cover a certain number of included examinations.

Discounts With Pet Wellness Plans

When all services are bundled together, the veterinary clinic typically provides a discount. Signing up your pet for a wellness plan can result in lower costs compared to paying for each service individually throughout the year. To compare the cost of covering each service individually and opting for a wellness plan, inquire with your veterinarian at Oceanside.

Pet Wellness Plans cover Routine Care

Those who opt to sign their pet up for a wellness plan usually are better at bringing their pet in for routine checkups as the cost is already covered, and those clients will not want to lose out on services already paid for.

Wellness Plans Can Be Pet Specific

With wellness plans, you can enroll your pet in customized care based on their size and breed, ensuring they receive tailored care while only paying for necessary services.

Pet Wellness Plans Can Be Customized

At Oceanside Veterinary Hospital, our Wellness Plans cover dogs and cats of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Most wellness plans offer options for small, medium, large, XL, and giant dogs and cats and provide a range of preventive annual and biannual wellness procedures.

Animals with special needs, such as senior cats and dogs, new puppies and kittens, and pets with chronic or recurring issues, benefit from routine vet care, including early detection screenings, important preventive vaccinations, and physical examinations.

Wellness Plan Disadvantages

As with nearly every decision, several factors must be considered when determining whether a wellness plan is suitable for you.

Frequency of use

It may seem counter-intuitive to subscribe to a wellness plan if your pet is young, healthy, or otherwise seems fine. Although for most, it is better to have coverage and not need it than otherwise, we understand that healthcare decisions - whether for humans or their companion animals - are intensely personal and should be made with the patient's best care in mind, with the advice of a medical professional.  

Need for additional coverage

It's essential to understand what pet insurance covers as well as what it doesn't. Similarly, it's important to know your vet clinic's wellness plans. Wellness plans are designed for your veterinary team's ongoing preventive and wellness care. It's important to note that these plans do not cover illness, surgeries, or other emergency or chronic healthcare needs. Ultimately, discussing your pet's requirements and budget openly and honestly with your veterinarian can help you find the best option for you and your pet.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

To find out more about how wellness plans at Oceanside Veterinary Hospital can help make routine care more affordable, contact our Oceanside vets today.

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