About Oceanside Veterinary Hospital

Our veterinarian’s approach to medical care emphasizes all aspects of our patient’s health, including physical, environmental, nutritional, and emotional factors.

When you decide to entrust the care of your pet to us, we are working together to form a healthcare team.

After a thorough examination, we are going to make recommendations on what we truly feel your pet needs. We will make the very best recommendation, not because we want to run up a huge bill, but because you are paying us to evaluate your pet and you deserve to know what the best treatment option is. We would not be doing our job to the best of our ability if we did not discuss this. We have to charge for the services we perform, but we will not make recommendations or perform services just to pad your bill. We will always try to work within your budget to give your pet the best care that you feel comfortable with.

In these difficult economic times, all of us have been forced to budget and economize. We understand and respect that. We are not going to make you feel guilty or accuse you of being a bad pet owner if you cannot necessarily afford the treatment we recommend.

Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable with our recommendations and treatment plan both medically and economically. Toward that end you will find that we have done whatever we can to keep fees reasonably priced on the most essential things that all pets need…

  • Vaccinations: Why go to a vaccination clinic? Our fees for vaccinations are clinic prices everyday!
  • Sterilization (spay, neuter): These surgeries are subsidized by us, so we are able to keep our fees reasonably priced. Early spay and neuter (pets 3-6 months of age) is highly recommended. Spaying and neutering can be done at any age, but it is easier on the pet and easier on the wallet if it is done early.
  • Dentistry: Periodontal disease is the #1 disease of both pets and people. Did you know 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 2 years of age have periodontal disease? Yearly dentistry is absolutely the best thing you can do to insure your pet’s health. We subsidize this service to keep our fees reasonably priced, but it is best to start on young pets to avoid costly advanced periodontal treatments, root canals, bonding and extractions which adds significantly to the cost.
  • Fecal exams: People and pets can get internal parasites and Giardia. Stool samples should be checked yearly. We send your pet’s samples to the laboratory to make sure nothing is missed. Many boarding facilities require a negative stool check to avoid parasite exposure. We keep this test fee low to insure you and your pet’s health!
  • Heartworm/parasite control: Our cost on these products is high, but we have tried to make them as affordable as possible.
  • Microchips: Is there anything more heartbreaking than a lost pet? We have Home Again microchipping and registration available at affordable rates.

For more information on what dogs and cats really need, you can download the following .pdf files to see for yourself. These are recommendations set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.